Monday, October 30, 2017

Tea Time Talk

      Dure the week long lab named Tea Time. Dure the week were we prepared for the final day on friday where we would sit down with our parents and talk while eating cupcakes. On tuesday we picked out what we were going to eat and what is going on the the table to make it nice. On wednesday we coked what we were going to eat that is not a sandwich, what we ate was gluten free vanilla cupcakes. On thursday we made turkey and cheddar sandwiches and picked out the tea that we are gong to drink.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Omelet Lab

        During the Omelet lab, I chopped up the Green bell pepper to help my group I heated up the pan to cook the omelet in. I really liked this lab because i love omelets they are my favorite breakfast food. Next time I would want crispy bacon and ham in the omelet. Some of the cooking skills I used was dicing to chopped up the Bell peppers.I could improve my Dicing. My cleaning job was the dishes and Drying. i was most helpful is cleaning and chopping up the peppers.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

FACS Chocolate Blender Mousse

    During the Chocolate Blender Mousse lab, I Measured The water and sugar then put it to a boil. To help make the Chocolate Blender Mousse while people did their job I Got the a equipment for the next step in the instructions, and the electric mixer for my job. I really like this lab, because it was fun and it was good to eat at the end of the lab.Next time in this lab I would of want to Whip the whipping cream more so the Mousse would be less rich and more fluffy. Some of the cooking skills I used were Slowly go up the levels on the electric mixer. My clean up job was drying the dishes and butting them away.